The Largest Premium Publisher Programmatic Ads Platform in Indonesia.

TADEX (Tanah Air Digital Exchange) connects various trusted and verified Publishers with advertisers. We invite you to collaborate with TADEX to achieve your business targets as a publisher or advertiser.

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The best programmatic ads platform in building a sustainable digital ecosystem.

Let's build a sustainable digital ecosystem with TADEX

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Run Cross Platform Campaign

Simplify the engagement and get better control of omnichannel reach with single platform. The ads will be connected to Publisher-direct desktop, mobile web, mobile app, OTT environment

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Optimize the message with Ads Unit & Formats

Available Wide range of ad unit and programmatic-friendly ad formats to maximize the reach and communicate your message.

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Target Right Audience with Telco Data

Leverage the mobile consumer data in addition of access of first party data across our leading publisher partners to deliver target precision at scale.

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Cost Effective

Single placement to multiple publisher, with TADEX you can runyour campaign across inventories with standardized CPM/ price.

To maximise every campaign, it is more important than ever to reach the right audience, at the right time, and using the right ad format

Our available Ad Format

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Display Ads

Display advertising is online graphic advertising on the internet with visual formats such as images or videos aimed at advertising a product or service on a third party website.

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Video Ads

Video advertising is online graphic advertising packaged in video format, which is interactive and more interesting.

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Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising is an advertising thats appears on a mobile phone or tablets.

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Connected TV Ads

CTV advertising is a form of digital advertising that appears within streaming content. it includes ads shown alongside TV shows or livestreams viewed on streaming devices.

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Digital OOH

DOOH is an outdoor advertising concept that uses digital advertising media to display image or video ads.

Essential services to support your digital needs.

TADEX is commitment and focus to help media and advertiser in Indonesia to continue to grow and develop through digital solutions that suit their needs and the development of the country's digital media industry.

TADEX for Publisher

TADEX is a platform that allows brand owners (Brand and Media Agencies) to personalize advertising widely to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising, as well as run programmatic ads through trusted publishers.

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